ORLANDO: A Travel Guide

Being famous for the Disney World and Universal, Orlando is also extremely popular for the lakes. Yes, Orlando is home to more than a hundred lakes making the place even more alluring. If you are not at all afraid of the height, a must visit the place is the Sun Trust Center, the tallest building that is 441 ft. high. Orlando is the most popular place as it receives more than 59 million visitors every year. In Florida, Orlando Travel Guide Public Library is known to be the largest one with 2,90,000 sq. ft. In Orlando, Lake Eola is actually a giant sinkhole with the deepest point of 80 ft. Apart from all this, for all the sports lover, this fact is especially for you all. Orlando is proudly a home to 3 professional yet famous major league games i.e. NBA, Orlando Magic & MLS’ Orlando City Lions and NWSL Orlando Pride.

Get to Know the Direct Flights to reach here.

New York Spirit


$140 2:50 min
Atlanta Spirit




$69 1:40 min
Chicago American




$103 2:45 min
Miami American


$120 1:15 min





$105 2:40 min

Orlando, a city in Florida is known for its many theme parks. Not only the children but the adults too wish to visit Orlando to indulge in thrilling adventures and have a time that is full of excitement, entertainment, and never-ending fun. And because of these theme parks, Orlando receive millions of tourists who claim this city to be Walt Disney’s World. So if you wish to visit this alluring city, here is a quick airport guide to make your trip easy and comfortable.


There is the Main Terminal with two sides, ie. A & B. The main terminal is connected with the ticketing counters, baggage claims, currency exchange booths, etc. Many more tour operators and bus rentals companies are also there to guide you throughout. There is a shuttle service that runs from the main terminal to your desired level of the airport.


Once you are at the Orlando International Airport, you get to see big restaurants and brands ready to serve you. From Cinnabon, Desigual, Asian Chao, Admiral’s Club to Bananas, CNN KIOSK and many more shops and eating joints are there in the airport. Domestic passengers leave the aircraft at an Airside terminal that is separated from the main terminal. Other facilities like huge restrooms, shops, ATM, telephone booth, car rentals, tour guides are also available.


The ground transportation is at level 1 of the airport. All the bus/car rental companies and their salesperson are always there to help you out with the transportation. Tour operators are 24/7 available on the level.

  Where to Stay? Dig in for all your answers

JW Marriot

JW Marriot a popular brand is also one of the luxury hotels in Orlando. Having a lavish golf course, over 1000 rooms and incredible services, it is a place to rejuvenate oneself. It has big rooms, depending on the customer’s needs & requirements. Apart from the room, Marriot also has a lazy-river pool, an acclaimed Italian restaurant, and a refreshing spa.

Picture Courtesy: Cvent

Hyatt Regency Orlando

Hyatt Regency’s property was completed in late 2010. With lavish rooms, a big pool, gymming area and a huge area for a relaxing spa make Hyatt Regency one of the busiest hotels. In past, the tourists’ graph has increased incredibly proving great achievements and good reviews.

Picture Courtesy: Hyatt

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is a famous name when it comes to hotels in Orlando. As it is located near both the most popular places is Orlando Travel Guide i.e. Disney Land and Universal Studios it receives a good number of tourists every year. Ritz is also one of the best luxury hotels with swanky rooms, lavish pools, and much more.

Picture Courtesy: Agoda

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill

Staying at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill gives you a chance to refresh the mind completely. With amazing services like golf, dining, salon & spa, recreation& meeting facilities, lavish banquets and much more making it one of the top hotels to stay in Orlando. It is also said that it has been a winter home of the very famous golf legend, Arnold Palmer.

Picture Courtesy: Hotel R

Four Seasons

Having a residential setting within Walt Disney World Resort, this property is the best place to relax and enjoy. Located near a lakeside with beautiful gardens, crazy pools and getting the shades of palms and cypress trees, makes it one of the populous hotels in Orlando. Experience the rejuvenating spa, astonishing fireworks with dinner at their rooftop steakhouse Capa and much more to make the trip complete and memorable.

Picture Courtesy: Four Season Hotel and Reserve

 Things Not To Be Missed 

Universal Island of Adventure

Universal Studio has always been one of the most famous destinations and the reason people visit Orlando. This theme park has the potential to give you butterflies in your stomach. From the thrilling roller coaster rides to the crazy action stunts, this theme is a complete package in itself.

 Disney Land

The Walt Disney’s World is just like a paradise. In Orlando, not only kids but the adults also go crazy as soon as they enter the Disney Land. Any trip to Orlando is a waste if you skip or miss a visit to Disney Land.

Picture Courtesy: capturing disney.com

 Sea World Orlando

If you are a dolphin lover, this place is exactly what you are looking for. Sea World in Orlando is a beauty to watch the friendly dolphins play with you. Get a chance to click a picture that you can cherish all your life of the moment that’s simply beautiful Orlando Travel Guide.

Picture Courtesy: Sea world

 Kennedy Space Center

Apart from the theme parks, Kennedy Space Center is a unique place to visit. Experience what the real space shuttles looks like by standing close to them. Know anything or everything about the space in this lavish place called Kennedy Space Center.

Picture Courtesy: Royal Caribbean blog

 Aquatica Park

Orlando has many amusement parks but very few water parks, the best amongst the rest is Aquatica Park. It is very close to the Sea World driving huge tourists here. The hilarious slides will surely make you go crazy and would make you ride again and again.

 Gatorland Orlando

A place to make your surprise and ask ‘how’, this place would make your sight surprising. Gatorland Orlando is a different kinda site where you get to see live alligators and crocodiles. The live shows and demonstrations with them is a pleasure to watch and also learn a lot about Orlando’s famous reptiles.

Picture Courtesy: Blue Green vacation

 Discovery Cove

As an alternative to a slightly more adventurous site, Discovery Orlando Travel Guide and Cove is the right place. Moreover similar to the Sea World, it’s a place for a longer excursion. At Discovery Cove you get 30-min round to interact with the Dolphins. You can swim, hug or even kiss the Dolphins and trust me it will be the best 30 min of your life with these friendly Dolphins.

Picture Courtesy: Attraction Ticket

Ways to Save up on the Dollars 

Book a Villa for your stay

The trip gets even more exciting when we get to enjoy it with our gang. But there are times when the budget splits out and there is no other way to save it up. Well, fret not!

Booking a villa for a big group gives you a chance to save up on the dollars and also have a time with the gang staying all together Orlando Travel Guide under one roof.

Go Off-Season

Having several theme parks, Orlando receives a lot of tourists during the high peak season. The Carnival season makes the place full crowded and lets the people wait in long queue for their turn. To avoid the crowded and messy places, avoid visiting Orlando and try going off-season to enjoy more and more.

Avoid theme park prices on food, drinks & parking

As the theme park receives many tourists around the 12 months, the prices and facilities get to hit high prices. Prefer to avoid the theme park prices on food, drinks, and parking and save up on it by having the same from outside.

Stay Close to Disney World than Universal

Staying close to Disney World sums out to be less than staying near Universal. The famous tourist spot tends to have expensive rates, therefore if you stay near Disney world you have the potential to save up the difference.

Get an Orlando Explorer Pass

Paying for single things come out to be expensive than paying for a complete package that possibly includes everything. Prefer getting an Orlando explorer pass where you get to do everything and you never miss out on anything.

Eat Off Disney or Universal Property

Being one of the most popular and populous tourist destinations, these two receives the maximum number of tourists every year. This undoubtedly makes the prices hit up the clouds and shake your pockets Orlando Travel Guide . To make a balance, make sure to have anything or everything outside these properties and get to save up lots.

Check out best free things to do in Orlando

There are many things in Orlando that doesn’t require the money. From the astonishing Disney Fireworks, window shopping to the thrilling boardwalk, explore and pay nothing.  To get a chance to experience things those are extremely exciting and for FREE FREE & FREE would simply make your trip just perfect!

Book the tickets a month in advance

Booking the tickets a month or at least 21 days in advance gives you a higher potential for saving up on the flight fares and also on the other expenses like hotel bookings.

Travel on Weekdays

Planning a trip well in advance gives you the ability to save up not only on the flight fares but also on the hotel bookings and car hire.

Be flexible with your dates

Being flexible with the dates always help you to utilize your budget smartly. Many times there are higher chances to save up really big amounts if you are pliant with your travel dates.

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