COSTA RICA: A Travel Guide

Costa Rica is a destination that is considered to be less expensive than many other destinations for a vacation. The captivating beaches, wildlife, alluring rainforests influence millions of tourist to visit Costa annually. In Costa, males and females are referred with different names. The males refer to themselves as Ticos and the females Ticas and Costa Rica Travel Guide. It proudly hosts more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity. It features species of freshwater fish, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds, butterflies, orchids, plants and insects. Spanish is Costa’s official language and as the international tourists’ status is increasing at a great speed, English is the second most common language there. Learn few Spanish words to interact with the locals and bargain with the shopkeepers during your trip.

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Get to Know the Direct Flights to reach here

Atlanta Delta


$150 5:00 min
Dallas American $200 3:40 min
Denver Frontier



$110 2:35 min
Orlando Southwest $180 5:35 min
Chicago United



$210 4:30 min
Houston United


$190 3:55 min
Charlotte American $250 5:20 min

Airport Transportation

Airport transportation features cabs, bus service, private vans, sharing cabs/vans, and local personal drivers, private SUV, private sedan, stretched limousines. Booking your transport from the airport to your desired destination or hotel is less time consuming and you get to save up on the money also.

Where to Stay? Dig in for all your answers

Four Seasons

Having two beautiful beaches, oceans views from the rooms and dazzling interiors using wood, bamboo, stones, etc, Four Season resort is a paradise to live in. Start your morning with a scenic view and end the day with a long walk on the beach side under the moonlight.

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Gaia Hotel & Reserve

This luxury hotel is located just 10 min drive from the Manuel Antonio National Park, making itself one of the popular hotel. It receives many tourists annually throughout. Located on a hilly side, it serves its customers with a beautiful view and misses no chance to disappoint them.

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Villa Buena Onda

Villa Buena Onda is a hotel recognized as one of the best hotels for a long stay. With lavish property, rooms, pool and many indoor activities for the kids it is a family-friendly hotel to have a great time and make your trip even more special and memorable.

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Nayara Springs

Nayara Springs is located in the center of the lavish vegetation and is an Adults Only hotel. If you are planning a trip with your gang, this is just the right stop for you. Serving you with breathtaking views, bounded by a creek and underground thermal springs, it is one place that will surely make your stay worth it.

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 Things Not To Be Missed 

Diamante Eco-Adventure Park

Located in Guanacaste, it is one complete package for adventure, nature, and culture. From breathtaking adventurous activities like zip line, hanging bridge over crocodiles, high jump, etc would surely make you skip a heartbeat. Coming to nature there is an animal sanctuary where you get to see many different species and also learn many new things there.

Rainforest Adventures (Jaco)

If you visit Costa Rica and miss this place, then your trip will never be counted as a complete vacation. To enjoy a whole day with canopy, zip lines and many other crazy and exciting activities, a visit to Rainforest Adventures Jaco is a must. Words are less to share the experience and fun in this adventure park.

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San Jose

San Jose is Costa Rica’s capital and a place to learn and explore about Costa a little better. It is all covered with colonial buildings and has many other attractions to make your day enjoyable. You will find many other activities like musical performance on the streets. The food in San Jose is recognized as the best and will surely help your taste buds taste mouth-watering dishes.

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Treehouse National Park

For all the tree house lovers, this national park can make you stay for quite a long time. With astonishingly designed interiors and structure, tourists spend a lot of time here and enjoy to the fullest. Tree House National Park receives millions of tourists annually throughout.

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La Paz Waterfall

La Paz Waterfall is in central Costa Rica. One can spend around 2-3 hours at this attraction with your family/friends having a great time and enjoying yourself. In Spanish, it is known as Catarata de La Paz. It is a place to spend a great morning to noon time and has a fun filled time.

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Ways to Save up on the Dollars 

Travel during low season 
Don’t travel during the holiday season to avoid expensive rates of hotels, food, and other things and Costa Rica Travel Guide. Also during the peak season, the flight fares reach high. All this can result in an expensive trip overall.

Take the public bus
Prefer public transport like buses and shuttles to save up on the transportation for hanging around. The public buses are convenient and are easy to travel too.

Don’t travel during holidays
Don’t ever plan a trip to Costa Rica Travel Guide during holidays like Christmas, New Year, etc. Avoid traveling during the holiday’s season to avoid the high rates and the long queues and overcrowded streets.

Skip the Bottled Water
In Costa, the water is regularly treated and is pure and safe for drinking. Prefer skipping the bottled water and get a chance to save up on the water bottles and spend on more food or shopping.

Avoid Staying at Big Tourists Towns
The hotels and resorts have a higher price because they receive most of the tourists there. Located near the famous tourist’s attractions, they know many tourists will definitely come to their hotels so they charge a higher price as compared to the other hotels at a distance.

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