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Bogota also called as the district capital, and formerly known as Santa Fe de Bogota within a period of 1991 and 2000, is the capital of the country Columbia. Known as the largest city of the country, it is now a part of the Capital District, and many people still get confused whether it is a part of the Cundinamarca or not and Bogota Travel Guide. All of the main administrative processes and workings of the country are being done in Bogota, and the city itself has a very high status among all the departments of Columbia. Bogota can be considered as the hub for business, finance, education, and sports in the country.

Bogota Travel Guide
Picture Courtesy: Bogotá

Tourist Facilities

Bogota Travel Guide
Picture Courtesy: While I’m Young

There are basically a lot of facilities that are available for the tourists that are arriving at Bogota Travel Guide. Just upon landing, there are direct airport shuttles that can carry the passengers with their luggage to their respective hotels. Additionally, if someone wants to wait, there are restrooms and waiting rooms available. For food and drinks, nearby small shops and counters are available that provide almost all types of foods. There are hotels and lodges available nearby as well where the tourists can think of staying temporarily or for a short while. Relaxation facilities are also available nearby.


Bogota Travel Guide
Picture Courtesy: TheCityFix

There is quite a lot of transportation facilities that are provided keeping in mind the benefits that the tourists can get. Firstly, the airport shuttles carry the passengers directly to their destinations within a very small amount of time. Additionally, passenger-carrying buses and taxi and cab services are also available for tourists who want to travel that away. Lastly, there are private rental car services that are available to be used by any tourists. For a charge, private cars are rented out and people can use it to drive Bogota Travel Guide themselves and go tho their hotels or tourist spots, or simply explore the city.

Where to Stay

The top hotels in Bogota along with their services are listed below-

Hotel B3 Virrey Carrera 15 No 88-36, Bogota, DC Airport shuttle
Ibis Bogota Museo Transversal 6 No 27 – 85, Bogota DC Airport shuttle
GHL Hotel Capital Calle 25B 69A50, Bogota Airport shuttle
Hotel San Francisco Carrera 10 No. 23-63, Bogota, DC Family-friendly
Grand Park Hotel Carrera 5 No 23 – 34, Bogota, DC Airport shuttle Airport shuttle
Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa Calle 93B N 19-44, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Hotel Parque 97 Suites Chapinero, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Ambar Hotel Carrera 8 No 17-86, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Hotel Casa de la Vega Carrera 4 # 12b-49, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Clarion Bogota Plaza Hotel Usaquén, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Hotel Exe Bacata 95 Carrera 14 95-2, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
GHL Hotel Hamilton

Carrera 14 No. 81-20, Bogota Restaurant · Bar/lounge
Radisson AR Hotel Bogota Carrera 60 No. 22-99, Bogota, DC Airport shuttle
Hotel Vilar America Chapinero, Bogota Airport shuttle
Best Western Plus 93 Park Hotel Calle 93a No 13-71, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Hotel Dann Norte Bogota Avenida 15 N 103 – 60, Bogota, DC Airport shuttle
The Click Clack Hotel Carrera 11 No. 93-77, Bogota, DC Airport shuttle
Aloft Bogota Airport Avenida Calle 26 #92 – 32, Bogota, DC Airport shuttle
Hotel BH Parque 93 Carrera 14 93a 69, Bogota, D.C Accessible
TRYP by Wyndham Bogota Embajada Hotel Av La Esperanza No. 51-40, Bogota DC Airport shuttle
Hotel Saint Simon Carrera 14 No. 81-34, Bogota Airport shuttle
Atton Bogota 93 by Novotel Atton Bogota 93 by Novotel Airport shuttle
Hotel Bogota 100 Usaquén, Bogota Airport shuttle · Spa
Hotel Regina Carrera 5 No 15 – 14, Bogota, DC Airport shuttle
Morrison 114 Hotel Av. 19 No. 114 – 06, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Lancaster House Paralela 106B, 28, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Wyndham Bogota Art Avenida La Esperanza No 51 Airport shuttle
Blue House Corferias Calle 22B No 42-52, Bogota, D.C. Blue House Corferias Airport shuttle
Exe Santafe Boutique Hotel Calle 116 Nº 15 64, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle
Hotel El Dorado Bogota Calle 95 13 – 66, Bogota, D.C. Airport shuttle

Things not to be missed

Gold Museum

Bogota Travel Guide
Picture Courtesy: Bogota Layover Tour

This museum is famous as it is said to be made entirely of gold. This makes this particular place one of the most visited places in Columbia.


Picture Courtesy: Transporter Bogotá

This is a famous hill that is situated near the city. Being near to the capital, a lot of tourists come and visit Monserrate for sightseeing as well as for hiking. In the hill, there is a church and a shrine, where tourists can enter.

Bolivar Square

Bolivar Square
Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

This place can be said to be the heart of the city of Bogota. There is a statue of Simon Bolivar, after whom the square is named. Most of the important buildings and sculptures of the city are located in this square.

Capitolio Nacional

Capitolio Nacional
Picture Courtesy: Herencia MIA

This is one of the important buildings that are situated in Bolivar Square. It sits both of the Congress houses of the country, and hence an important spot and Bogota Travel Guide.

Quinta de Bolivar

Quinta de Bolivar
Picture Courtesy: Expedia

This is one of the colonial houses that are located in Bogota. In Columbian history, this place was used as a residence for Simon Bolivar. It was his residence after the war of independence. At present, it is being used as a museum which attracts quite a large number of tourists.

Bogota Botanical Garden

Bogota Botanical Garden
Picture Courtesy: Bogota

This botanical garden is one of Columbia’s finest and largest botanical gardens. For nature lovers, this place is a must-visit. It contains almost every type of plants and flowers available in the country.

How to maintain a budget, when in Bogota

Choosing Cheap Transportation

Instead of renting out super luxurious cars that charge quite a lot of money, the tourists should opt for public transportation services or take the airport carriages. They are fast, efficient and save quite an amount.

Choosing Cheap Lodging

One can easily stay at the moderate hotels and lodges that provide the facility to stay rather than going for expensive and top-class hotels.

Avoiding expensive foods

For foods also, one need not dine in the top class high-quality restaurants and can eat at the various middle class and average hotels which provide equivalent foods at quite a low cost.

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