Atlanta Travel Guide

Atlanta is the largest city and capital of the U.S. state of Georgia. Atlanta has been famous for years for its huge role in the Civil War. Atlanta is mainly focused on for its location and the commercial importance it has. Atlanta has a lot of historical connections related to it. Atlanta Travel Guide in This city was burnt down by Major General William T. Sherman during the American Civil war of 1864. The city of Atlanta thus has great historical events which took place in the past. Atlanta has always been a classic favorite for people who have read the book ‘’Gone with the wind’’. The city after getting burnt down it managed to rise up once more and here we get to witness the beautiful Atlanta. Atlanta was the birthplace to the Famous Martin Luther King Junior; you can even visit a museum about him in Atlanta.

Atlanta Travel Guide
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Atlanta apart from its historic influence is also famous for its various musical culture. Also, the world of Coca-Cola is situated in Atlanta where you can relish a variety of beverages and explore all the presentations there. Atlanta is a place filled with huge cultural affinities, beautiful long highways, the Hindu temple and the beautiful Done covered with gold which lies around 10 miles away from the city and Atlanta Travel Guide.

Tourist Facilities

As soon as you arrive at Atlanta you will find exquisite eateries extremely close to the airport; some favorite eateries include Chick-Fil-A’s and Atlanta Bread Company.
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As soon as you arrive at Atlanta you will find exquisite eateries extremely close to the airport; some favorite eateries include Chick-Fil-A’s and Atlanta Bread Company. Also, you will find plenty of burger and beer joints available. You will even find art and music collection just there at the airport. There is a spa located as well, you can relax as soon as you come in that way.


Atlanta city airport
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There are many shuttles available outside the Atlanta city airport, you will find numerous shuttles not only for Atlanta but for other nearby regions as well. You will even find car rental services and taxis 24/7 outside Atlanta airport Atlanta Travel Guide. Limousines are also available if you are looking to travel with luxury.

Where To Stay

Atlanta Marriot Marquis

Atlanta Travel Guide
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As we all know the Marriot is a well-known brand when it comes to the hotel industry. Marriot in Atlanta is located at the center of downtown near the Georgia World Congress Center. It offers a luxurious and pompous stay for all the travelers traveling to this exquisite city of Atlanta. It offers a spa and indoor swimming facilities as well. The multicuisine restaurants here are going to be a part of your memory forever.

Hilton Atlanta Travel Guide

Hilton Hotel
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The spirit of Atlanta lies here in this hotel. Hilton Atlanta is ideal for guests traveling for a day or two as it is located near MARTA. You can walk to see all the local attractions of this place, and the view from this hotel is breathtaking. The food will mesmerize you more. There is a 24-hour gym to help you maintain your routine.

Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Grand Hyatt
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Grand Hyatt Atlanta is a few miles away from the best places you will want to explore in Atlanta. This hotel is famous for its extraordinary swimming pool and has a beautiful zen garden for you to laze around and stroll in Atlanta Travel Guide. This hotel is extremely welcoming and will make your stay at Atlanta worth every moment.

Westin Peachtree Plaza

Atlanta Travel Guide
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This hotel stands tall at the heart of the city of Atlanta. The view from this hotel is extraordinarily beautiful as it is a 73 storied building. The main attraction of the city is also really close to the WestinPeachtree Plaza. There is a 24/7 fitness studio along with a gorgeous swimming pool to make your stay memorable.

Things Not To Be Missed

Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta Travel Guide
Picture Courtesy: Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is an aquarium which is open from 10 am. – 9 pm. Every day for the tourists and anyone who wants to visit. It is a non-profit organization. This aquarium has various species of thousands of animals. There are many exhibits here in this aquarium; the largest holds around 6.3 million tons of water. Whale sharks, Beluga Whales, and Manta rays can be seen in these exhibits. You can also enjoy the Dolphin exhibit and shows happening here at Georgia Aquarium.

World of Coca Cola

World of Coca Cola
Picture Courtesy: Visit Sandy Springs

World of Coca Cola attracts thousands of visitors from in and around the world experience the place. This place tells us about the history of the famous beverage company known as Coca Cola. It occupies a space of around 20 acres. You can get inside and have a sip of around 100 different beverages from around the world. You can see the process of bottling and experience the 4D movie theatre here. It is an unexplainable experience which you will gain.

Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park
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This park offers all the travelers a lot of entertainment and activities throughout the year. It used to be a gathering spot during the Summer Olympics. This park offers a lot of entertainment such as Family fun days, musical concerts, light festival and many more. It also has attractions like the ice skating rink and stunning fountain shows.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden
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The beautiful botanical garden of Atlanta occupies 30 acres of space and is located in the midtown area close to Piedmont Park. This garden is around 35 years old. This garden has a variable number of things to offer all kinds of travelers and tourists. This garden uses to light up the nights inside with over a million energy-efficient LED lights. You can go for a swim in the sunflower fountains inside, take a walk along with your children to the children’s garden. There is an observation hive; where you can learn about honey bees. This garden is a must-visit for all nature lovers.

How to maintain a budget, when in Atlanta and Atlanta Travel Guide

Take the airport trains

You can easily travel under a budget if you take the airport trains instead of spending a fortune on the cab and rides. You will also get a one-day unlimited pass for cheap rates.

Make your stay cheap

If you are not traveling for business or official meets, there is no use of staying at expensive hotels, rather spend the money on traveling and exploring Atlanta. You can find many hostels and also you can stay at the University Inn.

Where to eat

Avoid eating at expensive restaurants, you will find many street cafes in and around Atlanta where you can grab a good bite.

You can definitely travel cheap in Atlanta if you ask around and try taking the local tours.

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