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If you’re already up in the sky, is the sky still the limit? Aeroméxico has been breaking boundaries and raising the figurative roof since 1934 when the company was founded. And although this airline may be from the land of tacos, Chihuahuas, and Mayan ruins, it travels all over the world. Aeroméxico airlines flies around North America, Asia, Central America, South America, and Europe. So strap on your sombrero and get ready for smooth sailing--if you’re lucky, you might even get to eat some flan on your flight.

Club Premier
Aeroméxico’s rewards program is kind of like Club Med, but without the overly intoxicated co-eds. Well, there might be some people on your flights who got a little slap-happy from their tiny cocktails, but don’t worry, they’re probably not Club Premier members. Once you’ve signed up, start reaping the benefits of the program. You can use your accumulated miles for Aeroméxico tickets and flights on one of their partner airlines. Or, upgrade your seat to Clase Premier! If you’re feeling benevolent (and we trust you often are), use your rewards to designate a ticket for someone other than yourself. Hello, best holiday gift-giver award!

Si, Se Puede : Yes, finding great deals on cheap Aeroméxico tickets is possible. In fact, you might even say it’s muy fácil. We would never leave you hanging with a hankering for great fish tacos and nowhere to go—that’s just mean. While we’re at it, we want to make sure you can find just the right itinerary. After all, tickets on a redeye may not be your idea of a great travel experience. The Aeroméxico flight schedule gives you plenty of options, and you can find availability status as easy as uno, dos, tres. Now that you’re ready to jet set off to a warm, relaxing vacation (at least, we hope that’s where you’re going), it’s time to pack your bags. Before you go cramming a second set of hiking boots into your luggage, remember to keep Aeroméxico baggage fees in mind. Everyone gets some free baggage, but you will have various limitations depending on your flight class. Want to make sure you don’t get dinged for the weight of your tequila on the way home? Contact Aeroméxico for more information on luggage rules.

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